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Orange County Personal Training

Fit Body Life Training Center’s Orange County Personal Training programs are specifically science-based designed programs for each and every client. We strive to help our clients achieve their personal fitness goals that accommodates their injuries, fitness level, energy and lifestyle. Whether you want to lose a muffin top, build lean, strong muscle or simply just take control of your life again, our Orange County Personal Trainers will be able to take you to the next level.

I’ve followed Khoi for a very long time on Instagram before finally biting the bullet and started training with him. Over and over he’s shown that his nutrition coaching program works. I was fortunate enough to live locally to him to have him coach me in nutrition but also personal train me. Khoi is one of the most prolific personal trainers in Orange County. If you want results that are long lasting and quickly, Khoi is the personal trainer to work with in Orange County.


Dropped by one Saturday morning to try out this facility’s power vinyasa class. The instructor Tanya was freaking awesome! She’s real in tune with how her yogis feel and adjusts her class to best suit them. I prefer Fit Body Life Training Center’s small, intimate, and personal yoga classes over the big chain yoga classes where I’m just another face in a room of 50+ people. Tanya focuses on each of her yogis to make sure we are doing each pose correctly.


What Makes Fit Body Life Training Center’s Orange County Personal Training Different?

Proven, Science-Based Methodology and Program Design

Sustainable, Science-Based Nutrition Protocol based on your body composition and lifestyle

We respect your privacy. Enjoy training with your Orange County personal trainer with complete privacy without lurking eyes or distractions.

No more wasting valuable time waiting for others.

When training with your OC personal trainer, you will be the only client in our facility training. No more waiting around for equipment like you would at big box gyms. Get close personal attention by your personal trainer which ensures you are getting a great workout and you’re doing the exercises correctly with great form.

Our highly educated and experienced team of Orange County Personal Trainers will design a cutting edge science-based workout regimen for you to help you achieve your fitness goal faster than ever before without the confusion of the latest fitness fads and trends.

We are so confident that our Orange County personal training program will change your life; we want you to come down and try our program for FREE.  Call us today at 949-214-4006 to get started.

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Fit Body Life Training Center’s Orange County Personal Trainers’ mission:

To make you a well rounded healthy individual with increased lean muscle mass to ensure long term metabolic efficiency, enhance the intrinsic value of living a healthy lifestyle through proper individualized science based nutrition and a challenging training regimen that not only focuses on aesthetic exercises but functional exercises that increases strength, flexibility, agility, reflexes, range of motion, mental acuity & focus. There’s no guessing at Fit Body Life Training Center’s Orange County Personal Training.  We use the latest scientific research in exercise and nutrition science to design a program that not only encompasses your time in the gym but also your time in kitchen to deliver you the best results quickly.  We work with you every step along your journey to make sure that you stay motivated and focused so that you can reach your goals faster and sustain them for the long term. Fit Body Life Training Center’s Orange County Personal Trainers uses a highly focused approach with research based scientifically designed workouts tailored to your physiology and fitness level, metabolic conditioning through proven scientific approaches with cardio and resistance training, and our revolutionary My Fit Body Life nutrition program.  With this variable approach, you will see radical changes to your body faster than you’ve ever seen or thought possible before.  With our personal training and nutrition program you can see extreme changes in your body composition – decreased body fat, increased lean muscle mass, your flexibility and overall mental wellbeing.


Our Classes

Meet Our Super Team

  • Khoi Nguyen

    Head Trainer

    With over 20 years in the fitness and sports industry, Khoi specializes in injury rehabilitation as well as over muscular development.

  • Sheila Elsothanar

    Kickboxing/TRX Instructor

    Sheila Elsothanar began studying Tae Kwon Do at the age of four. She trained under the late Grandmaster Kwang Sik Myung, former World Hapkido Federation president and Master Andres Pesce, 8 time national champion and USA Tae Kwon Do certified coach. After receiving her black belt she continued training both Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido.

  • Ron Williams

    Grit Series

    Ron was inspired to be teach fitness when he wasn’t able to get into the classes he wanted as they were always full. He became proactive and got certified first in Spinning then overall Strength and Aerobic Conditioning.

  • Tanya McDonald

    Power Vinyasa Yoga

    Her style of teaching varies from high intensity with options to increase or decrease intensity to deep slow stretching. She likes to “play the edge” in every practice and finds that over time, things that once seemed impossible, are now part of a daily flow.

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